- 50% off product/supplies: We have fusing molds, bevels, supplies, items to mosaic, books, etc. (some exclusions apply)
- 20% off finished/gift items
- Make an offer: We have many garage-sale-type items such as desks, tables, and many other items and projects that need some TLC by you to gain a new life.

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2716  E.  31st Street   Minneapolis,  MN  55406

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Tel: 612-721-9553


Tuesday to Friday:  10am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 2pm

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Glass Endeavors

2716 East 31st Street, Minneapolis, MN 

Phone: 612-721-9553


What do we offer at Glass Endeavors?

We specialize in Stained, Fused and Mosaic glass art - from start to finish, we offer you what you need to create your own work of art.  We offer:
  • Glass from top manufacturers and designers
  • Supplies - forms, materials, design books and more
  • Classes - from beginning to advanced levels, our instructors teach traditional techniques as well as promote creativity and self-expression.
  • Advice for projects of all types - problem-solving with customers is one of our favorite activities

We carry a wide assortment of art glass supplies, including:

  • Stained glass from top manufacturers

  • Copper and Lead Stained Glass supplies such as foil, solder, flux, zinc, and lead came

  • Glass cutting and breaking tools

  • Fusible Glass, Molds and  frits, rods, stringers and noodles

  • Jewelry findings

  • Mosaic adhesives, supplies and scrap glass

  • A large selection of pattern books and instructional books

  • A large selection of lamp bases and lamp supplies

Our goal is to be the hub of art glass in the Twin Cities - we do that by offering many ways to engage our community in the world of art glass:

  • Classes - from beginning to advanced levels, our instructors help you bring your vision to life.

  • Events - from demonstrations to expert speakers, our events offer Art Glass fans the ability to network, participate and learn. 

  • Shows and Gallery Events - between our annual Art Glass show and special gallery showings, we aim to provide our community a space to show their creations.  

We offer additional services to our community:

  • Repair Services - chips, breaks, and cracks of porcelain pieces.

  • Restoration Services - for antique glass pieces and panels that are worth investing in to restore their original beauty.

  • We do our best to work within your budget and timeframes - and that you are satisfied with the results.

From custom stained glass lampshades to commissioned door panels - we love working with you on special design projects. We meet with you to develop a design with your ideas, photos, and suggestions for your custom stained glass or art glass project. We can also propose a design that will complement the space in which the art will be installed.

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