The Gallery

Our Gallery contains many examples of the art glass work that Glass Endeavors' artistic team has created. Many of these pieces are available to purchase in the shop.


Stained Glass   -  from craftsman style windows to door panels, we help our customers design and create stained glass art.  We also are happy to help problem solve when a project presents a challenge! 


Fused Glass - There are endless opportunities for creations with fused glass. We offer supplies, molds, classes, and advice for glass fusing artists of all skills and experience levels. These are some examples of works of art created at Glass Endeavors. 

Mosaic Glass - Mosaic is similar to Stained glass, but rather than being suspended and held together with a metal framework, mosaics are made of small pieces of glass (and other materials) that are affixed in an adhesive bed. Our professionals have an extensive background in mosaic, its history, and its process. We teach how mosaic offers our artists an alternate process and appearance to traditional stained glass techniques.


Lamp Shades -  a favorite form of art glass are stained glass lampshades. Paired with an elegant lamp base, it's one of the most popular applications of stained glass in the home. 


Jewelry - another popular product for customers of all skill levels, making jewelry is a fun and fulfilling project. Fused glass can be shaped into jewelry of all types -earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even rings! 

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