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Glass Endeavors offers a wide variety of stained and fused glass classes for everyone from the beginner to the very advanced. If you're looking to learn how to make a copper foiled sun catcher, a leaded window, a Tiffany-style lamp, fused jewelry, a slumped bowl, a mosaic stepping stone or an original creation, we offer these many classes plus numerous others to suit your interest and level. 


DETAILS FOR Studio Classes 

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Regular Class Schedule


October 2015

Wafer Tile Workshop - $65 October 14th, Wednesday, 1 day, 6 - 8:00pm

We are busy preparing delicate glass wafers in the shape of ferns, gingko leaves, snowflakes and many more organic designs you will want decorating your walls. Don’t worry about cutting glass or learning how to use a kiln. Just choose your background glass color and begin composing 2 beautiful tiles that will be fused for you. We’ll mount the finished tiles on wooden frames for hanging before you pick them up. All materials and firings are included.

Beginning Stained Glass - $85 October 28th, Wednesdays, 4 weeks, 6 - 8:30pm

In this class you will make a small panel using one of many patterns the studio provides. You will learn to cut glass using a number of techniques, learn how to use special tools designed for stained glass artists and construct your panel using the copper foil technique. Our high quality tool kit includes an 80w soldering iron, running and grozing pliers, 1 pound of 50/50 solder, a carbide steel wheel glass cutter, flux, flux brush and a black pen. It is discounted from $158 to $125 for our students. Other materials for the beginner panel run $80 on average over the 4 week class. No experience needed.

November 2015

Holiday Lighted Gingerbread House - $75 November 3rd, Tuesdays, 4 weeks, 6 - 8:00pm

This colorful gingerbread house will be the centerpiece of your holiday decorations. Week 1 we’ll demonstrate lead wrapping, soldering and prep for assembly. Your house can be nickel plated   – plating fees extra. Beginning Stained Glass is a prerequisite.

Edge up Bowl - $75 November 7th, Saturday, 1 day, 10:30am - 2:30pm

Our December class filled up so we're adding this to our November schedule! Whether you’ve taken it before, have some fusing experience or have no idea how to do anything in glass, this is the class for you. Each student will assemble one bowl using glass strips and bits of rods over the course of this 4 hour long class. If you’ve never cut glass before we’ll show you how. If you want a class where you and your kids work together on something amazing, now is your chance! All you need to bring is a bit of patience and some tweezers. Sign up soon because this class could fill up soon. No experience needed.

Reactive Play with Bead Bars - $65 November 5th, Thursdays, 3 weeks, 6 - 8:00pm

Continuing with our reactive experimentation, we’re offering a short class with focus on color and metal reactivity. Our reactive bead bars can be incredibly stunning and wonderful holiday accessories or gifts. We’ll take a little time to demonstrate wiring techniques to finish off your lovely bead bars, too.

Mosaics for Kids - $55 November 14th, Saturday, 1 day 2 - 4:00pm

In this beginning mosaics class, children will learn the basics by creating a fun patterned 8x8 mosaic mirror. They'll learn mosaic terms, some mosaic history, how to design, layout and glue. All materials and supplies are included.

Super Easy Snowflakes - $25 November 21st, Saturday, 1 day, 10:30 - 12:30

Our super easy snowflakes are precut and ready for assembly with just a little nipping from you. We’ll provide patterns, glass, tools and firing. Bring the kids along so everyone can make a snowflake to fill your windows for the holidays. Additional snowflakes are $15.

We will close at 4pm Wednesday, November 25th and reopen at 10am Friday, November 27th. Happy Thanksgiving!


Beginning Stained Glass - $85 December 1st, Tuesdays, 4 weeks, 6 - 8:30pm

Heads or Tails - $65 December 2nd, Wednesdays, 3 weeks, 6 - 8:00pm

Glass head ends or tails are the rolled glass trimmings from full sheets of glass when they come off of the annealing lehr. Usually we just cut them off and relegate them to the scrap bins. But we’ve found artistic ways to use them in our head glass candle holder and our tail glass jewelry box. The rolled edges add texture and sophistication to an otherwise predictable glass project. Embellishing with copper wire, jewels or brass stampings adds a finishing touch. Two great dimensional projects for the beginner or advanced student that can be completed in our 3 week class.

Vitrograph Candle Lights - $50 December 3rd, Thursdays, 2 weeks, 6 - 8:00pm

Try your hand at pulling your own stringer and cane. We’ll help you master twists and wig-wags using the vitrograph kiln. Our 2nd class gives you time to design a glass masterpiece with your twists and cane that we will fire and drape for you.

Edge up Bowl - $75 December 5th, Saturday, 1 day, 10:30am - 2:30pm.



Wafer Tile Workshop - $65 December 12th, Saturday, 1 day, 10:30am - 12:30pm

We’ll mount the finished tiles on wooden frames for hanging and they’ll be ready for pick up before Christmas. All materials and firings are included.

We will be closed Thursday, December 24th - Friday, January 1st. Happy Holidays to all!

All prices are for tuition ONLY unless otherwise stated. Please bring your own tools and materials or purchase them at the time of the class. Grinders, cutting surfaces and Morton Glass Cutting Systems are provided during class time. No refunds or transfers on classes unless the class has been cancelled

Pattern Bar and Raking class -  

Video is from a class on 3/12/13! 




Keep checking back as our class topics and offerings change monthly.

Build Your Own Class 
Is there a special class that you and 4 or more of your friends would like to take but we haven't had it on our schedule or when we've offered it, the timing didn't work for you? Present your idea to John or Zoi with a list of attendees, and we will coordinate a special time and curriculum for your group.  

Any Time Open Studio 
We offer studio time in 2-hour minimum sessions to anyone wishing to work on his/her stained glass projects. Workbenches, the Morton System, grinders and the Gryphon Wire Saw (with the purchase of a package of saw blades) are available for use during your 2-hour studio time. The studio is open and available during non-class hours only at the cost of $10 per session. We will happily answer questions and help you troubleshoot problems as well.  


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